Air India Aircraft Returns To Udaipur Airport Terminal Minutes Before Takeoff After Problem With Flyer Phone Details Charger

On Monday, an Air India flight from Udaipur to Delhi returned immediately after pushback. The reason for the return was not a fault with the aircraft, but a fault with a passenger’s mobile phone charger. An official informed news agency PTI that flight AI 470 was delayed by at least an hour and later took off for Delhi. The good thing is that the problem did not occur mid-flight.

On Monday, an Air India flight AI 470 departed from Udaipur airport but was brought back to the terminal due to a fault in a passenger’s mobile phone charger before the pushback, reports PTI (via NDTV). The flight left for Delhi after a delay of about an hour. The officer also informed that the passenger noticed the mobile phone heating up and alerted the cabin crew.

When the problem was detected, the aircraft had left the terminal and was on its way to the runway, but as soon as the problem was detected, it was brought back to the terminal as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of passengers.

At the same time, another official of Udaipur airport said that there was clearly smoke in the plane, after which it returned. However, what actually happened was not known till the time of writing this news. Some reports claimed that there was a problem with the power bank of a passenger.

Apart from this, let us tell that due to a technical problem last month, an Air India plane had to make an emergency landing in the Russian city of Magadan. Air India flight number AI-173 departed from Delhi to San Francisco on June 6. The Delhi-San Francisco Air India flight was diverted to Magadan after it developed an engine fault.

The Boeing 777 aircraft was carrying 216 passengers and 16 crew members. After landing in Magadan instead of San Francisco, the passengers and crew were housed in temporary housing in the city.

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