Apple AirTag Helps Find Thieves Rs 51 Lakh Worth Valuables Recovered All Details

Using an Apple AirTag, a family helped police nab thieves who were stealing valuables from their deceased relative’s burial site. This isn’t the first time Apple has used the AirTag to track thieves. In February this year, a person found the people who stole his car with the help of AirTag. Apple AirTag is a small coin-sized device that is commonly used by users to track their specific products. People put it in their personal things like backpack, trolley bag, wallet or key etc., so that they can be tracked through phone.

A local news publication, Click2houston reports that Houston, Texas has been hearing reports of serious robberies for some time now. These thieves target tombs and dig them up to steal valuables such as vases. Reports suggest that the most affected area in such incidents is Brazoria County, where hundreds of cemeteries have been reported vandalized.

Due to the increasing number of incidents, a family in the area put an Apple AirTag inside a vase at their relative’s grave. Tony Velazquez, a family member, told the publication that his late uncle’s grave at Restwood Memorial Park in Clute, Texas, had been targeted multiple times by thieves. Each time the thieves took away a bronze vase worth $600 (about Rs 49,236) placed on top of the grave.

Troubled by this, Velazquez this time fitted the Apple AirTag inside the vase. As per reports, his apprehension came true and this time also the thieves stole the vase. Velazquez immediately shared the airtag information with authorities, allowing them to track down not only the vase but many other stolen items as well.

On tracking, the police took him to a house located 45 minutes away. Police told the publication, “He (Velazquez) gave us the login information and allowed us to track it down. We successfully traced the thieves to a residence outside the city of Brazoria.”

In this way, with the help of AirTag, not only the thieves were caught, but the stolen bronze vases worth more than $ 62,000 (about Rs. 51 lakhs) were also recovered. Police informed that thieves had stolen a total of 102 vases in the last two months.

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