Dominos app’s new feature: deliver pizza to places without an address

Domino’s Pizza will now deliver pizza to locations without addresses. Yes, the company has added a new feature in the app, with the help of which the customer can order pizza anywhere, irrespective of his address. Such as a public park, beach, or any other popular public place. The company has named it Pinpoint Delivery. Let us tell you where this service has been started, and how it will work.

For Domino’s Pizza lovers, the company has announced an interesting feature. Now you can order pizza without giving your address. Till now the customer had to order pizza at an address only, but now this requirement has also been done away with. The company announced through a press release that it will offer pizza delivery to unaddressed locations as well. This will make delivery much easier. Customers will be able to receive pizza orders at any location near them. These will also include places like parks, baseball fields, beaches.

Domino’s pinpoint delivery facility has started here
Domino’s Pizza’s Pinpoint Delivery service is currently launched in the US. The company has not yet shared any information about whether this service will come in markets other than the US.

Domino’s pinpoint delivery will work like this
This feature can be used through Domino’s app. By going to the app, the user has to drop a pin on the map. The company will deliver pizza on this pin. That is, pizza will be delivered to the pin inserted at any place in the map. The company says that it is the first company in the US to offer pin drop pizza delivery.

It will also have the facility to track the pizza order to the customer. They will also be able to see the GPS location of the driver. The estimated delivery time of the pizza will also be given here. Along with this, messages and alerts related to delivery will also be sent. When the delivery person reaches the pickup spot, an alert will be sent to the customer by the company. After which the customer will have to give a visual signal on his phone, so that the delivery person will reach the customer.

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