Elon Musk Invite People to Twitter for Finding Date Like Bumble Tinder Apps Said Meet Like Old School

People now have many apps to find a partner to date, such as Tinder or Bumble, but many love stories also start on Instagram or other platforms. Still, if someone asked you if you would use Twitter to find a dating partner, what would you say? Probably not to say, but a man wrote on Twitter that he would use Twitter to find a partner, and the Twitter CEO has given an open invitation to people to do so on the platform.

A Twitter handle fudge wrote in a tweet that he has deleted all dating apps and will now start looking for a partner on Twitter for dating. The user wrote in the tweet, (translated) “Deleted all dating apps. Decided to try meeting someone the old fashioned way.”

In response, Musk said that people should try to find someone on Twitter. He replied, “Try meeting someone on this forum. Many people have.”

Fudge then wrote back, (translated) “Oh, I know this better than most other people. I heartily second this recommendation to everyone else. You can meet your soul mate here, guys, anywhere in the world.” Too.”

After this conversation between Musk and Fudge, many people shared their experiences of meeting on Twitter. A user claimed that he had met his fiancee on Twitter. Another said that there is more to be learned about a person from their Twitter than any dating app can teach.

Musk had expressed his idea of ​​dating app earlier this year, where the idea of ​​starting an app called ‘Twinder’ by a user was interesting to Musk.

After buying Twitter, which Musk is rapidly making changes to on Twitter, it wouldn’t be surprising if Musk releases a separate dating app or a dating-related feature on Twitter itself.

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