Elon Musk’s Starlink Wants to Launch High-Speed ​​Internet Service in India, Resistance from Reliance Jio

Starlink of the world’s richest man Elon Musk is interested in starting high-speed internet service in India. However, it is facing stiff opposition from Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company Reliance Jio. After meeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, Musk had said that he wanted to launch Starlink’s internet service in the country. He said that this would help in reaching the internet in remote areas.

However, Musk did not give any details about the clash with Reliance Jio over the spectrum auction issue regarding this service. Starlink wants the central government not to auction the spectrum and issue licenses to start service for it like other countries. The company believes that it is a natural resource and it should be shared by companies. Starlink says that the auction may impose geographical restrictions, which will increase the cost. However, Reliance Jio does not agree with this. In a letter sent to the government, the company has demanded an auction for the spectrum.

Reliance Jio says that foreign satellite service providers can provide voice and data services and this will make it difficult for the country’s telecom companies. For this reason, the company has demanded to conduct an auction, which will lead to a level playing field. An industry source with knowledge of this said that Reliance will continue to pressurize the government regarding the auction of satellite spectrum.

Starlink had provided satellite Internet service to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. The main company of Starlink spent huge amount in providing free satellite internet service to Ukraine. Musk is also the chief of electric car maker Tesla and microblogging platform Twitter. Tesla plans to set up a factory in India to make electric cars. Recently, senior executives of the company had a meeting with the officials of the central government regarding this. Last year, Musk had requested the government to reduce the duty on imported cars. However, the government refused to accept it.

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