google doodle celebrate 112th birthday indian scientist kamala sohonie who discovered protein in legumes know all details

Google Doodle is remembering Dr Kamla Sohoni today. Today is his 112th birthday. Kamala Sohoni is known as the Indian biochemist who paved the way for women in the world of science. Born on June 18, 1911 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Kamla Sohoni’s family has been a family of chemists since the beginning. Following in the footsteps of her father and uncle, Kamla Sohoni studied chemistry and physics from Bombay University. In 1933, he secured the top position in the university in his course.

Dr. Kamla Sohoni was the first woman to get admission in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). With this, he got the entry of women in the world of science. At that time the condition of women was not very good in the field of education and development. Many types of strict restrictions were imposed on women. His ability in the field of science was not trusted. But Kamla Sohoni proved all these ideologies wrong. On the strength of his determination and dedication, he broke all these shackles. After her success, other women also started getting admission in the institute.

According to Google, for a few years during his studies, he did extensive research on the proteins found in pulses. Researched on their contribution to nutrition. Especially he did research about the nutrition of children. His discovery proved about the importance of pulses in nutrition. With the completion of his thesis, he obtained his master’s degree in 1936.

Now his further journey started from here, when in 1937 he got a research scholarship from Cambridge University. Here he made a revolutionary discovery. Kamla Sohoni discovered and studied Cytochrome C. It is an enzyme that is very important for generating energy. It is found in plant cells. Within 14 months, he completed his thesis on this and got the Ph.D degree with it.

After returning to India, he continued his research and studied the nutritional properties of various foods. He was awarded the President’s Honor. Along with this, he got another achievement. Kamala Sohoni was elected as the first woman director of the Royal Institute of Science in Bombay. For all these contributions, Google has remembered him today on his 112th birthday.

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