Google Doodle Celebrates Pani Puri With Unique Game doodle discovered by Draupdi in Mahabharat times more details

Today Pani-Puri’s chatter is visible in Google Doodle. Google has celebrated Pani-Puri by making it into an interactive game Doodle. Pani-puri is a popular street food across South Asia and is loved by foodies. In this, thin and crispy pooris made of wheat flour or semolina are eaten with potatoes, chickpeas, spices or chillies and eaten with spicy and sweetened water. The special thing about Pani Puri is that people can eat it with flavor according to their own taste. For example, it can be eaten with sweet chutney, green chili chutney, mint etc.

According to Google, in 2015 a restaurant in Madhya Pradesh introduced 51 flavors of pani-puri, setting a world record. For the first time in the world Pani-Puri was introduced with so many flavours. Not only this, in a country like India it is offered in different variants in different states. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, pani puri is stuffed with boiled white gram or chickpeas, sprouts or sprouts and is served in hot water.


In North Indian states like Punjab, Jammu Kashmir, New Delhi etc., it is served stuffed with potatoes and boiled white gram and dipped in Jaljeera water, which is called gol-gappa. Whereas, in some parts of West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand it is called Puchka or Phuchka. According to Google, legend has it that Pani-Puri was invented by Draupadi during the Mahabharata period. It is said that Draupadi was facing shortage of food for her five husbands.

In such a situation, Draupadi thought and mixed the remaining potato curry and a few raw vegetables and made small puris of flour and filled them. This is how pani-puri was born. Apart from South Asia, Pani Puri is slowly gaining recognition in other countries as well. Indians living in western countries like America have played a role in making it recognized there as well. But pani-puri is a street food loved in every part of India, which does not depend on any season or occasion.

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