gst council meeting cinema hall food cheaper as tax reduced to 5 percent from 18 percent more details

The Goods and Services Tax Council (GST Council) has reduced the tax on food and drink items served in cinema halls. Earlier, where there was 18% tax on food and drink in cinema halls, now it has been reduced to 5%. Due to this, watching movies has now become cheaper in a way, because the audience will now be able to get cheap food and drink in cinema halls. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced this in the 50th meeting of the GST Council.

The tax on food and cold drinks available in cinema halls has now been reduced to 5%. The move is aimed at uniformizing the tax on food and drink in restaurants and cinema halls. Because eating in restaurants is already taxed at 5%, but eating in theaters was taxed at 18%. But there is still a screw in this matter.

Movie theaters also offer food and cold drinks in combo plans along with movie tickets. In such a situation, the GST Council has made it clear that the tax on food available in the combo plan will be the same as applicable on tickets. Apart from this, in the 50th meeting of the GST Council, it has been decided to impose 28% tax on online games, casino and horse racing. At present, companies have to pay 18% tax on profits from online gaming, which has now been increased to 10%.

In the council meeting, a big decision has also been taken regarding the tax on SUVs. SUV is redefined here. Under the definition of SUV, the vehicle should be 4 meters long. Its engine capacity should be at least 1500cc. Ground clearance should be 170mm. If the vehicle fulfills all these three criteria, then it will be called a taxable SUV, even if the company has not named it SUV. But if the configuration is more than this, then the tax on such a vehicle will also be higher.

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