Online Fraud Man Loses Rs 1.3 Crore to Cyber ​​Fraud for Part Time Hotel Review Rating Job in Mumbai All Details

The incidents of online fraud are increasing rapidly and people with such bad intentions have started resorting to advanced technology. The latest incident has been reported from Mumbai, where a 53-year-old man has been duped of crores of rupees. This person had recently sold his flat for Rs 1.27 crore and wanted to invest in a new flat. Let’s know the whole matter.

According to TOI, a man was cyber-frauded by fraudsters in central Mumbai, in which he lost around Rs 1.30 crore. The fraudsters lured the person to earn good money through a part-time job. The fraudsters told the victim that he would have to give ratings to hotels and movies, for which they would get handsome money in return. Initially, the victim earned a few thousand rupees, but after that he was cheated of about Rs 1.27 crore.

As per reports, the complainant told the police that on February 9, he received a message on Telegram from a woman about a part-time job. The woman said that she would share the links of movies and hotels and the person would have to rate them and share their screenshots with the woman.

When the man agreed, the woman sent him a web link, in which he had to share his bank account details. The woman also gave him the user ID and password of an e-wallet. After this he was asked to transfer Rs 10,000 to an account.

After this, the man started rating and shared screenshots with the woman, in return of which Rs 17,372 came to his account. Thereafter, the woman sent a link to the victim to rate a film and asked him to deposit Rs 32,000. The person deposited the money, after which the victim was asked to check the earnings in his e-wallet. The victim found Rs 55,000 in the e-wallet. Thereafter, the victim sent Rs 50,000 to the woman’s account. However, the woman told the man that he would have to pay again due to some technical glitch in the link. The person again sent Rs 55,000.

The report further states that on May 17, the person deposited Rs 48 lakh in the bank account numbers given by the woman and completed all the tasks given by the woman through the link. His profit was shown in the wallet as Rs 60 lakh.

The woman told him that if he wanted to withdraw Rs 60 lakh from the wallet and send it to the account, he would have to pay Rs 30 lakh. On May 18, the person transferred Rs 76 lakh to the accounts given by the woman. Now even after paying, when he did not get the money, he asked the woman about it. However, he demanded more money.

After this the victim approached the police and lodged an FIR. Police found that the money was transferred to eight bank accounts in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. According to the report, a police officer told that the total amount of fraud as per the FIR is around Rs 1.27 crore. The crime took place between February and May this year. All accounts have been frozen.

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