Truck with Air Conditioner AC Cabins Mandatory From 2025 Nitin Gadkari on Drivers Comfort Announced Details

For a comfortable ride for truck drivers in India, all truck cabins will have to be mandatorily air-conditioned by 2025. Issuing the order, the government has ordered the truck manufacturers to provide AC (air conditioner) in all trims of the truck. Truck drivers in the country travel hundreds of kilometers daily for delivery and in between they sometimes even sleep in the cabin of their truck. In such a situation, this decision has been taken to make their journey full of hard work comfortable.

On Monday, Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari approved a proposal to make all truck cabins air-conditioned in the country by 2025. While some truck manufacturers, including Volvo, Scania and Tata, already offer air-conditioned cabins in their premium truck models, most commonly sold trucks still lack this feature.

Gadkari made the announcement, according to TOI, saying, “In our country, some drivers are on the road for 12 or 14 hours, while in other countries, there are restrictions on the number of hours bus and truck drivers can stay on duty. Our drivers drive in temperatures of 43 to 47 degrees and we should imagine the condition of the drivers. After becoming a minister, I was keen to introduce AC cabins. But some people opposed it saying that the cost would go up. Today (Monday) I have signed the file that all truck cabins will be AC ​​cabins.

This proposal was first put forward in 2021. At that time, the industry demanded that the provision should be optional. Some of them even claimed that the drivers could sleep in the AC cabin.

Until a few years ago, AC buses also had non AC cabins for drivers, but after the introduction of Volvo buses, this system ended and today both Volvo and Scania AC buses have AC facilities for drivers. Is.

The report states that according to an estimate, providing AC cabins in trucks will result in an additional cost of Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per truck.

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