How to Delete Meesho Catalog (Product Listing)

How to Delete Meesho Catalog (Product Listing)

Are you new to Meesho Seller and have uploaded the wrong product or did the wrong listing? well, don’t worry. In this article, we will tell you about How to Delete Meesho Catalog and whether it can actually be done or not. Some read till the end to find the answers.

How to Delete Meesho Catalog (Product Listing)? Is it Possible?

We got a lot of inquiries regarding the Meesho product catalog not deleting once uploaded. and we faced the same issue too.

The Discard Option

When we edit a catalog, we don’t get a delete option, but a discard option. But when we discard the product listing, it doesn’t get discarded or deleted. it remains the same.

Watch this video regarding all the issues in detail:-

Contacting Meesho Support regarding Product Deletion

so we decided to raise a query to Meesho Support regarding “Meesho Listing not deleting”, and on the same day we got this reply from Meesho support:-

Dear Supplier,
Greetings from Meesho!

We apologize for the delayed response. We understand your concern regarding the deleted catalog. As per your request, we have made your catalog Out of stock. However, we don’t have the option to permanently delete the catalog ID/file ID. Going further if you don’t want to sell any particular catalog, kindly mark it Out of stock.

Further, we want to inform you that, we can not delete the draft catalog. Please recheck and upload the catalog again for QC check, without the QC check catalogs will note live.

Thank You for reaching out to us.

Further, we request you to kindly raise a ticket for the same concern in the future by the following path: Supplier Panel-Support-Cataloging & Pricing-Other catalog related issue.

We request you to rate us with your valuable feedback. For this, follow the path: Supplier Panel-Support Tab-My Ticket-Share your feedback.

Warm Regards,
Team Meesho


So what’s the conclusion of this query? Can we delete the Meesho product listing or not?

The truth is that the products ones uploaded on Meesho, cannot be deleted permanently. It can only be marked out of stock.

So if you have mistakenly listed the wrong product or made some error in the product listing on Meesho, unfortunately now you cannot delete them. the most you can do is to render them “out of stock”. and they will stop appearing on Meesho.

This thing is unique to Meesho. in other marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Jiomart etc. we get the option to easily delete product listing, but in Meesho Seller, its not the same.

So this was How to Delete Meesho Product Listing, or rather we should say, make them not appear on Meesho.

Thanks for reading! In case of any doubts, just mention in the comments section.

Kashif Ali

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