Email is still the top marketing channel for business leads.

According to Sopro’s latest whitepaper, The State of Prospecting 2023, email is still the most effective marketing tool for attracting new clients.

The annual whitepaper, now in its second year, found that, despite some marketers focusing expenditure on such channels, 59% of marketers believe that email is over twice as effective at generating leads as channels like PPC and paid social media.

The majority of decision-makers prefer a personalized approach when it comes to generating new business, with referrals (42%) and webinars or in-person events (24%) coming in second and third place following customized email.

The whitepaper also finds that 77% of B2B buyers prefer email for contact, which is more than twice as many as prefer any other method. Customers also express a desire for the email campaign’s content to be interesting and impart knowledge.

The whitepaper, one of the most thorough b2b prospecting reports ever published, can be read here. In addition to offering advice on how to build your audience and database, implement personalization techniques, and create effective prospecting campaigns, it also offers tips on how to ensure email campaigns are successful.

Sopro’s CEO and co-founder Ryan Welmans said, “We’ve reviewed approximately 50 million emails, which is twice as many as we did last year. 5 times as many sales and marketing professionals were polled. In order to optimize your prospecting, our data scientists dug even deeper than before into the findings of our prospecting.

“We are aware that not everyone shares our obsession with prospecting. Nevertheless, this research contains something for everyone, from the ideal time to send an email to how to construct a campaign to ensure it is seen and read, regardless of whether your organization employs email prospecting or not.”

This analysis demonstrates that the personal touch is still highly valued, whether it be in the form of a customized email, a face-to-face contact, or the organization of a webinar or event to exchange knowledge. When it comes to marketing and interacting with potential clients, the personal approach is really necessary.

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