TikTok Releases a Guide With Tips for Increasing Sales During the Holidays in 2023

TikTok Releases a Guide With Tips for Increasing Sales During the Holidays in 2023

Has your marketing department begun making plans for the end-of-year celebrations? I realise it’s still June, but try to relax. But if the holiday season warms your company’s sales, it’s time to get ready, and TikTok is fully aware of this.

The 2023 Holiday Marketing Playbook, a manual for firms using TikTok to increase holiday sales, was just made available by the media platform.

Come along with me if you wish to comprehend the key points of this material and utilise the nearby network to increase sales.

Sales and TikTok

TikTok is a social network that draws users in with brief video clips. You undoubtedly know this, but the app has also provided some intriguing data regarding the spread of brand awareness or the sale of goods.

This strategy has already been discovered by small firms, who leverage the simplicity of reaching numerous people simultaneously to draw in new clients. There are plenty of product videos that use a humorous story to draw viewers in. It’s also typical for brands to use trends as an opportunity for influencer marketing.

One in two TikTok users, according to the platform, use the app to find content related to events and commerce. Additionally, 1.4 times as many of your consumers are likely to purchase a product they saw in the app.

Additionally, you can take use of this advantage during certain seasons.

How can I sell this year-end on TikTok?

The information TikTok has made available is meant to assist businesses in setting up paid campaigns on TikTok for Business. Even though the celebrations aren’t quite yet, you can begin preparing—and more importantly, prepping your future clients.

Additionally, the earlier this activity begins, the more time marketers will have to build brand awareness, engage consumers, and get them ready to make a buy.

I then go over the key takeaways from the research. These strategies can be used even if your company lacks the funds to invest in the platform but still wants to generate positive sales results naturally during the holiday shopping season.

Use native language of TikTok

Users of TikTok have grown accustomed to a particular aesthetic that was naturally developed over time by individuals who have used the programme. And if your company wants to succeed, it might be a good idea to follow this example, just like any other video on the For You tab.

To notice, use the app for a short while. The majority of the videos feature voice effects, closely cropped shots of individuals chatting, viral audio, and simple editing.

Use the platform’s terminology and produce material that feels natural.

Promote value, interest, and action

Each video may be thought of as a funnel: first, you must grab the viewer’s attention, then you must provide them with value, and only then should you ask them to take action.

Use the opening few seconds to catch people’s attention and the final few to point them towards further material or your website.

It is feasible to use content to create value at this time of year in a variety of ways, such as teaching a recipe, providing gift advice, or even offering trip recommendations. Of course, link the material to the goals of your brand or the goods and services it provides.

Focus on drawing attention to your holiday tale, adding value, and inspiring action.

Look into editing and audios

TikTok provides a variety of audio and video editing tools for users to produce content on the network.

You can experiment with user-favorite effects like voice and beauty filters for your business. Additionally, it is possible to investigate the most popular audio effects and become recognisable to users.

Avoid the urge to generate too polished videos. Users of TikTok are accustomed to watching videos for the narrative or value they provide rather than the editing.

In conclusion, use music and effects to pique the interest of your audience.

Benefit from platform trends

Brands can benefit from the trends that are popular on the platform in order to engage with their audience more effectively. A trend’s hashtag can be used to identify it, and some hashtags receive billions of interactions.

This is the case with the hashtag #unboxing, which is used to demonstrate a user opening a purchase and sharing their reaction and product specifics. Another frequent example is the hashtag #giftIdeas, which marketers use to share gift suggestions.

Utilise holiday trends to reach out to new buyer communities.

For many firms, especially those in e-commerce, the holiday season is often optimistic. Therefore, it is essential to plan ahead and utilise strategies like content development and influencer marketing.

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