Jeff Bezos Secretly Bought 1 Share of his Own Company Amazon What could be Motive

Jeff Bezos, the world’s third richest person, has recently done a surprising transaction. He bought a share of his e-commerce and tech company Amazon for about $115. This is his first purchase of the stock in more than 20 years. Amazon’s founder Bezos was earlier in the headlines for selling the company’s shares.

Bezos has sold nearly $30 billion worth of Amazon stock over the past 20 years. With this, he has raised money from funding for his rocket company Blue Origin to buying a luxury yacht worth about $ 500 million. Amazon’s listing took place in 1997 and since then Bezos has not received any shares as compensation. He holds around 10 per cent stake in the company. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, this stake is a major contributor to Bezos’s wealth of around $148 billion. He had bought one share of the company on 25 May. Its value has increased to around $124.

Analysts tracking Amazon are surprised by his transaction. Analysts are trying to understand what could be his intention behind this. There is speculation about this on social media. One person on social media said that Bezos might be planning to gift the physical certificates of the shares. Some other users said that they might have hit the buy button on their brokerage account by mistake. A representative for Amazon and Bezos declined to comment.

Last year, Bezos told that he was planning to give a large part of his wealth of billions of dollars to charity. He had said that out of his donation, a large amount would be spent on efforts to combat climate change. Apart from this, they will also give help to such people who are working to unite humanity amidst social and political divisions. Bezos also owns the newspaper Washington Post and aerospace company Blue Origin. He has also announced the creation of the Bezos Earth Fund. Under this, a grant of about $ 10 billion will be given to help in the conservation of nature.

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