Amazon Prime Lite price in India rs 999 Annual Subscription Free Two Day Delivery prime video access Launched beat jio cinema all details

Amazon Prime Lite has been launched in India. This new plan has been launched for users who want benefits like Amazon Prime Subscription at an affordable price. The company started testing Prime Lite at the beginning of the year. Now it has become available for all the customers. In the plan, the customer is given delivery within 2 days without extra charge. Also included is access to Prime Video content, but with some restrictions. Let’s know the details of the plan.

E-commerce giant Amazon has introduced Prime Lite, a cheaper alternative to Amazon Prime Subscription. This includes benefits like fast free delivery, Prime Video as found in Amazon Prime. But the difference is that in Amazon Prime where the delivery company gives in 1 day, in Prime Lite this time is of 2 days. But Amazon Music, Amazon Gaming, and Prime Reading are not included in the new Prime Lite plan.

Amazon Prime Lite subscription price in India

Amazon Prime Lite price in India (Amazon Prime Lite price in India) is Rs 999, in which it gets a subscription of 1 year. While the price of the regular prime plan is Rs 1499. That is, this plan gives almost the same benefits for Rs 500 cheaper. Signing up for the Prime Lite plan can be done through the Amazon app which is available on both iOS and Android. For this, users can visit the Amazon India website.

Amazon Prime Lite subscription benefits

The maximum delivery time in Amazon Prime Lite plan has been kept at 2 days. While in the regular plan, this time has been kept for 1 day, or on the same day. Prime Lite also includes a subscription to Prime Video. But some limits have been set here. It can be accessed on only two devices under this plan, and the content can be viewed up to HD quality. Whereas in the regular plan, the user can watch Ultra-HD HDR content on eligible devices.

With Prime Lite, users will also be shown advertisements in content streaming. The details of how many ads the company will show and for how long, have not been shared yet. In the plan, you will not be able to access the content through the web browser, rather the user will have the facility to stream the content through the app. The plan can compete with Jio Cinema, it is being said.

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