Amdocs lays off 2000 employees second round of job cuts 2023 global economic slowdown Report

Amdocs lays off: Amdocs, a tech company providing software and communication services, has announced layoffs. Amdocs is the latest name to join the list of firms that have laid off a large number of employees in 2023. The company is going to lay off around 2000 people. The company was established in 1982 in Israel. Its headquarter is in America. Now it is going to reduce the workforce.

Amdocs is going to reduce its workforce by 6.5 percent. The company may reportedly show the way out to more than 2000 employees. As per the Ctech report, mdocs established in 1982 is going to eliminate more than 200 posts. The company has said that it is necessary to maintain continuous growth in view of the condition of the economy around the world. As other giant companies of the world have also done.

Mdocs has around 31000 employees. This is the second time in a year that the company is going to lay off. Earlier in January, it had announced the removal of 700 people from the job. Of these, 100 employees were removed from Israel alone. mDocs works exclusively for software and communication services.

However, so far the impact of the global recession has not been seen on the company as much as seen on other companies. For the last few quarters, the company has only shown profits in its reports. Along with this, the dividend has also been increased for the shareholders. Amdocs shares are also giving profits to the investors. According to the report, currently its market capitalization is said to be around $12 billion. The company was established in 1982 in Israel. Its headquarter is in America.

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