SpaceX Launched 48 Starlink Satellites for Starlink internet over 5000 already orbiting earth more details

SpaceX has launched 48 new satellites into space which have been placed in Earth’s orbit. These satellites are included in the Starlink Internet Satellites fleet. The company sent them into space on July 7. All these 48 satellites were carried by Falcon 9 rocket. Which flew from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

48 new satellites have been added to Starlink Internet satellites. SpaceX has installed them in the lower orbit of the Earth on 7 July. The company has given this information on the official website. SpaceX has so far launched 4700 Starlink satellites. Most of these satellites have started their work. Apart from this, the company is going to add more satellites in the coming time. The company has approval to install 12 thousand more satellites in the lower earth orbit. On top of this, it will install 30,000 more satellites for which the company has sent an approval request.

Explain that Starlink provides satellite based internet service. That is, the Internet connection does not run through wires on the earth, but through satellites. With this, internet can be reached even to those parts of the world where it is not possible to reach it through wires. But some difficulties are also coming to the fore for the company.

Astronomers have raised objections to this project. According to the report of Transcontinental, space scientists say that so many satellites surround the earth that even at night, scientists have trouble doing their observations. This is reducing the accuracy and quality of scientific research. Apart from this, he has also expressed concern that long-term space missions cannot be successful due to these satellites. Because of the crowd of Starlink and other satellites, there is a danger of collision in space. Due to this, the garbage in space is increasing due to which spacecrafts can also come in danger.


Around 4700 satellites of Starlink are already moving in the Earth’s orbit. (symbolic photo))
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Although Starlink has conducted 25 thousand such missions in the last 6 months, in which collision avoidance has been practiced. The company will still launch more satellites, after which the number of such exercises may increase further. While the increasing number of Starlink satellites is beneficial for global internet connectivity, on the other hand its dangers are also coming to the fore.

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