Apple accused of helping in espionage Russia banned iPhone for government officials

iPhone Ban: The tension between America and Russia is well known. Russia’s Intelligence Service says that Apple is helping the US government in spying. Realizing the danger, Russian officials have been banned from using other Apple devices, including the iPhone. Now Russian officials will not be able to use Apple’s devices for official purposes. Financial Times has given this information in its report.

According to the report, Russian officials feel that iPhones are no longer safe and there is a need to find alternatives. Russian officials say they believe the US can use its equipment for wiretapping. Russia’s intelligence has long been worried about its officers because they use iPhones for important work.

Quoting Russian security and intelligence expert Andrey Soldatov, the report states that Americans can use iPhones for wiretapping. There may also be opposition to this decision in Russia because officials have been using iPhone for a long time and it is their favorite device.

Russia had accused Apple of spying only last month. Since then it was believed that Russia could take some strict action against it. An investigation by Russian intelligence found that thousands of iPhones were allegedly infected with such monitoring software, suggesting cooperation between Apple and US security agencies.

Although Russian officials offered no evidence, the White House claimed involvement. It is worth noting in Russia’s action that Russian officials will not be able to use iPhone for work purpose only. Apple’s devices can be used for personal use.

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