Man Sues Facebook For Locking His Account For No Reason Wins 50000 Dollars Meta Still Not Cooperating Decision Details

An interesting news has emerged from Georgia, USA, where a person sued the world’s most popular platform Facebook owned by Meta and won it and got 50 thousand dollars. The lawsuit was filed because the person’s account was locked by Facebook. The person said that Facebook has

According to a Fox News report, a man in Georgia, US, has sued Facebook after the platform locked his account. The person claimed that Facebook locked his account without any reason. In this case the person won $50,000 (Rs 41,11,250).

The case was filed in 2022 by Jason Crawford, a resident of Columbus. He alleged that the company suspended his account without any valid reason and did not handle the situation properly. As per the report, she said in her statement, “I woke up one Sunday morning. I tapped on my Facebook icon and I was locked out. They (Facebook) made it clear that I was banned from the platform.” reasoned that I violated their standards on child sexual abuse. And then didn’t respond much further.”

Crawford claimed that no such violation ever occurred. Not only this, Facebook did not specify which of its actions or posts would have violated such rule.

Crawford said he contacted Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, several times to resolve the issue, but all went unanswered.

Frustrated with no response, Crawford, a lawyer by profession, decided to sue Facebook, alleging negligence on the part of the company in his August 2022 complaint. Despite the lawsuit, there has been a continued silence from Facebook. However, when Facebook’s legal team failed to respond to the lawsuit, a judge ordered Meta to pay $50,000.

Surprisingly, Facebook restored Crawford’s account, but the company is still apparently not cooperating with the judge and Crawford has received zero money.

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